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We deal with numerous life insurance companies and that is why we are able to shop around to get you the best quote. Below we have given a few details about some well known life insurance companies. You can also read our articles about Aviva Life Insurance, L & G Life Insurance, LV Life Insurance and Zurich Life Insurance to find out more about these life insurance providers.

AVIVA Life Insurance

As the biggest insurance provider in the UK, Aviva life cover offers a range of life insurance plans. These include Level Life Insurance, which is a fixed term life insurance plan that provides a lump sum on death. Decreasing Life Insurance also provides a lump sum, but this is reduced in line with the reduction in a repayment mortgage balance as more and more repayments are made. Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance covers the policy holder for his whole life rather than a fixed term and the Guaranteed Lifelong Protection Plan is Aviva’s over 50 life insurance offering.

AXA Life Insurance

The focus of AXA Life Insurance is on over 50 life insurance, which they guarantee for anybody who meets the requirements. Cover starts from as little as 20 pence a day and they also offer funeral plans and Bonus Cash builder plans. The latter is a long term plan where the policy holder’s money is invested in a with profits fund to provide a cash sum at the end of the policy term.

Legal & General Life Insurance

L & G is a major insurance provider in the UK and offers Level Term Assurance and Decreasing Term Assurance. Both of these plans have the option of adding critical illness cover. These two types of cover are also available specifically for use with mortgages. The L & G Mortgage Life Insurance has a couple of extras geared specifically to people buying a home. The company also has 3 different life insurance plans targeted specifically to the over 50’s.

LV Life Insurance

Otherwise known as Liverpool Victoria, this life insurance provider is a mutual society so it offers benefits to customers rather than paying out dividends to shareholders. LV targets its life insurance plans at UK residents aged 17-69 who live a healthy lifestyle. LV life insurance can be combined with critical illness cover and the company has an over 50 life insurance plan.

Pru Life Cover

The Prudential is a well-known company with 21 million customers worldwide. It offers life insurance cover, serious illness cover and income protection through PruProtect, which the company has developed in conjunction with a premier South African insurer called Discovery. Prudential encourages policy holders to live a healthier lifestyle by giving them automatic membership of their Vitality programme. This enables them to claim discounts from specific partner companies.

Saga Life Insurance

Saga specialises in providing insurance to the over 50 age group and guarantees acceptance for life insurance to UK residents aged 50-85 even if they have existing medical conditions. Saga’s life insurance plans are provided by PruProtect and come under the banner of Guaranteed Acceptance Cover, which can be either standard or enhanced. The enhanced cover includes an extra 15% payout and full cover from day one of taking out the policy.

Scottish Widows Life Insurance

This company dates back to 1815 and was originally formed to protect widows, sisters and other female relatives from poverty in the event of the policy holder’s death during the Napoleonic wars. Today the company also offers investments, pensions and mortgages, but its roots are in the provision of life insurance. The range of policies includes the Scottish Widows Life Cover policy for a specified period, and Lifetime Cover, which is a whole of life insurance plan. Both types come under the Protection for Life Plan, which has various options including critical illness cover.

Standard Life Life Insurance

Standard Life is a leading insurance provider in the UK and works in association with LV to offer life insurance. Standard Life cover includes level term life insurance, reducing amount life insurance, the Over 50 Plan Plus and income protection plans. Standard Life insurance plans can be for individuals or to cover a spouse or partner

Sun Life Cover

Sun Life is a part of AXA, which deals with life insurance. It therefore offers life insurance to the 50-85 age group as described for AXA Insurance.

Zurich Life Insurance

Another major, well-established Insurance company, Zurich offers life insurance and general insurance as well as other financial services including pensions and investments. As well as the Zurich Level Protection Plan and the Zurich Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan, the company also offers Adaptable Life Plans and Adaptable Term Plans. The first is a whole of life insurance plan and the latter is fixed term but with the option to renew when the end of the term is reached.

Banks and Building Societies

You may also have heard of Halifax Life Insurance, HSBC Life, Abbey Life and other banks and building societies that offer life insurance. Many of these banks work in association with well-known life insurance companies to provide life cover. For example, Halifax life insurance is provided by Scottish Widows and Abbey life insurance cover is provided by Royal London. HSBC has its own life insurance but it uses Aviva for unemployment cover.


You can also buy life insurance through large supermarket chains who now offer a host of products and services apart from groceries. Supermarkets will either deal through one particular life insurance company or they will search the market. Tesco deal with Friends Provident and Sainsburys deal with Legal and General, whilst Asda search through a number of providers.

The above life insurance companies are a selection of the better known providers we deal with, but we can also provide online life insurance quotes from a selection of other companies. If you would like to buy life insurance or would like further details of the life cover offered by the above insurance companies and others, please fill in our online form. We will then get back to you with some life insurance quotes.

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